Colostrum Gold Supplement

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A Highly Fortified Nutrient and Electrolyte Supplement for Newborn Calves

Newborn calves must consume sufficient colostrum within 24 hours of birth!!

While maternal colostrum is best at an adequate supply and good quality, it may not always be available to newborn calves. Colostrum Gold™ Supplement aids in the required nutritional needs for newborn calves by supplementing globulin proteins, fat, energy and vitamins. Calves on low quality and/or short supply of colostrum are prone for disease, environmental pathogens and other challenges which may hinder the calf’s health and growth. Colostrum Gold™ Supplement therefore supplies the newborn calf’s weak immune system with the optimum nutrients required to give it a good healthy start which may greatly increase its chances of survival.

When to Feed a Colostrum Supplement:

  1.  Cow Refuses or Abandons Calf
  2.  Cow’s Colostrum is of Poor Quality
  3.  Birth Complications
  4.  Cold Weather
  5.  Suppressed Immune System
  6.  Genetic/Health Challenges

Why Colostrum Gold™ Supplement?

  •  All-Natural Product

  •  Bovine Serum Derived

  •  Contains Whey

  •  Effortless Mixing

  •  Highly Fortified, Nutritionally Enhanced Formula

  •  Includes Key Immune Stimulants

  •  Includes Beneficial Bacterias

  •  Includes Electrolytes

Formulated to contain (per 1 lb dose)

Protein (min)                        50.0%
Fat (min)                              10.0%
Calcium (min)                        0.2%
Calcium (max)                       0.4%
Phosphorus (min)                  0.8%
Vitamin A (min)           175,000 I.U.
Globulin Proteins (min) 65,000 mg

Mix entire contents of package (16 oz) with 1-2 quarts lukewarm (105˚F) water or milk replacer. Make sure product is mixed well and administer as soon after birth as possible.

Net weight: 1 lb (454 grams)

Case Contents: 16 1 lb packages

Bucket: 20 lbs

Not liable for the contents on the face hereof. Always follow and observe actual label content on all products.

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