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Minus Plus

Stress Vitamins & Electrolytes

For Conventional Use Only

A Concentrated Source of Electrolytes, Vitamins, Trace Minerals, and Energy for Nutritional Support in Cattle.

  • Highly fortified Vitamin & Electrolyte package
  • High levels of Vitamin D3 & B12
  • Promotes suppression of Heat Stress
  • Promotes increased weight gain and overall productivity
  • Can be used for Cows or Calves

Use during periods of stress when feed intake may decrease or when higher nutrient levels may be beneficial. Examples of stress periods include weaning, vaccination, castration, dehorning, temperature extremes and animal placement.

Calves up to 300 lbs: 7 gm AM & 7 gm PM/head/day

Calves up to 500 lbs: 10 gm AM & 10 gm PM/hd/day

Dairy Cows: 14-28 gm AM & 14-28 gm PM/head/day

Individual Bottle Feed: Dissolve appropriate dose from guidelines above of Cattl-Lyt in 2 quarts water. Make sure to also have a separate supply of free-choice water available.

Top Dress: Sprinkle appropriate dose from guidelines above of Cattl-Lyt as evenly as possible on top of feed or in TMR.

Water Tank: First prepare stock solution by dissolving the appropriate dose from guidelines above of Cattl-Lyt x the number of animals in at least 2 gallons of drinking water. Then add the 2 gallons of prepared stock solution into as much water as the animals will consume daily.

Note: Separate milk and electrolyte feedings by at least 30 minutes with calves. Store in a cool dry place for maximum product stability. Avoid leaving package open for extended period of time. Always have adequate free-choice supply of fresh clean water available. Repeat dosages as needed.

1 lb bags

5 lb bags

Not liable for the contents on the face hereof. Always follow and observe actual label content on all products.

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