Why Dakota Blenders

Why Us

With almost four decades of experience, cutting edge science and credible research behind our products, Dakota Blenders has a strong handle on the challenges that can have a profound, unwanted effect on your operation. We know there are various challenged with elements, diseases, viruses etc and therefore we stand strongly confident that we have a strong edge over competition to attack those challenges that hinder you and your operation.



Our technologies have been gathered from years of research and a network of bovine experts that have been in the industry for multiple decades. We are constantly researching and looking at new research from our group of creditable sources and continue to innovate and enhance our line of products. Our focus is mostly on the immune system, which in turn, if functioning properly, is the best tactic against pathogenic challenges there is. Keep it healthy, and it will fix itself. We don't want to go into too many details on exactly what technologies are behind our products due to lurking competition interests. The best confidence that can be established is if you see for yourself.


See for yourself

Check us out and let the performance speak for itself as we are more apt to let performance tell you how our products work versus some crafty marketing strategy. So order today and get 10% off any products on your 1st order with coupon code "proof".

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